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ALL NGE Weapons!! - SWGRehab - 05-19-2018

[Image: original.JPG?1483563848]

Elite Master Arsenalist

What do they do?: Craft all NGE weapons!

How many new weapons can there really be???
New Carbine Count: 28
New Rifles Count:    31
New Pistol Count:    28
New Melee Count:   36
Total New Weapons:  123


How do I can I get Elite Master Arsenalist??: Must be Master Weaponsmith

Where is the Trainer?: 
Location Corellia, Coronet
Trainer Name: PewPew
Vender Waypoint:  -187.4 -4703

Type of XP do I have to grind? Same as Weaponsmith

RE: ALL NGE Weapons!! - Bulldawg - 12-02-2018

For those interested I have been working on a spreadsheet with weapon damages, armor piercing and enhancement values as well

NGE Weapon Spreadsheet