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Code Contributors - THANK YOU! - SWGRehab - 04-30-2018

None of these projects would have taken shape without help of Sidious and Obi-ton. You guys rock and cannot say thank you enough!!

I would like to also thank the following people for help they have provided over the years.  I was always told it takes a community to raise a child, same for a server!!!

If your name is not on here, and you helped me, let me know, I am old.. I forget

SWGEMU Development Team
Lasko - ModTheGalaxy
Timbab - ModTheGalaxy
Cesta- Aftermath
Hayln - Empire in Flames
Takhomasak - Sunrunner II
Uthar - Hutt Cartel
Gryantol - Sentinels Republic
Tiny - Sentinels Republic
Dren - Sentinels Republic
Progor - Relics
Arioch - SWGRehab
Zero-Divide - SWGRehab
Nugax - SWG Restoration
Saereth - Infinity