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Mission Statement - SWGRehab - 04-29-2018

Our Mission

To enable the players to login, select professions, gear up and go play!!  We have eliminated the need for the XP grind and Jedi Grind.  Although some items (Knight Trials, FRS) may still require some killing ?  Most items can be found on the New Player Helper (former bluefrog).  IF you want the best items…well, look to the players/loot to make that a reality.   Badges, you can still get em, Theme parks..yup, they are there too!  We value the limited times players have and we are doing our best to make changes that will maximize that time!
Lessons Learned

Yes the development staff is from RogueOne.  We have learned a lot of do’s and don’t over the past 3 years.  We feel that we can learn from those mistakes and make this a better experience for all.  Some of them are listed below:

1.     Banning - We may have been a little over zealous with the “ban hammer” on RogueOne and we have learned, it's just a game, everyone has opinions, no need to ban them cause they disagree with you or not seeing things from your point of view. 
2.     Wipes.  We have had our fair share of them (3 to be exact).  Reasons why we wiped really don’t matter, but what does is we learned from them and we know how to prevent them.
3.     Time Sinks.  They suck.  Main focus is for players to login and play! Not checking 24 harvesters or doing 4 theme parks or a villages (still can if you want!).  We want old and new players to have the same opportunities to reach certain items and abilities.
4.     Community.  Good or bad, they are the reason we set up the server.  Being difficult and hard to get along with will not help a server grow (yes, we were dicks, why? No idea)

We welcome all players to come, play and have a great experience.  We look forward to seeing you all in the Galaxy