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Upcoming patch species - Testing - Sidious - 01-22-2019

Please document any issues you find in this patch in this thread in the following format.

1. Location: Corellia (x,y)
2. Species: HK47
3. Profession: Marksman
4. Weapon: DH17 Carbine
4. What action did you do for this to happen?
5. Was this repeatable? and if so please tell us the steps to repeat the bug.

RE: Upcoming patch species - Testing - Whitemoon - 01-22-2019

Loc: Corellia (various locs)
Species: MK2 Mining droid

Character model flies (literally) away and dissapears when /sit command is issued. (softlog restores model visuals)
Species in charecter window displays as "Hutt"
Backpack hovered 2x char model size above character - not sure how this happened - possibly I went afk after my model dissapeared after sitting - will retest
I though movement was delayed after sitting, turns out other characters have a stand animation event that is not shown on this model, if you sit, movement is delayed 5 seconds once you attempt to move while hidden animation timer ticks down.
Did not see any weapon visual when equipping a CDEF pistol. Character model is holding a large ore drum at all times. This did not affect weapon usage, I was able to execute various pistol specials with weapon.