Full Version: Game said I need Administrator permission
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If I'd known this is was not an instant into game, I'd have contacted you sooner.  Game says I need Administration permission to come on board.
If message is in wrong place, please tell me where I should go for help getting onto server.  I did register, Cyndi is registered name.

Exact wording of Login error: Automatic registration is currently disabled. Please contact the administrators of the server in order to get authorized account.
Hi Cyndi and welcome. You have to create an account on the website to log in. I am not sure if you still have to submit a ticket or not to do so but the admins are really good here and quick at responding to tickets.
This is not the website? I'm having a problem with TRE files. At first I had no files, now I have too many. dadgum
Hi Cyndi. My advise would be to put in a ticket for support from the dev team. They are a great bunch and are amazing when it comes to getting members up and running.

I did notice you stated trouble with TRE files. If you haven't already, try putting them in the root directory and not in the Rehab or SWG directory. Not sure if that will help since I am not a dev in any way shape or form, but it helped me when I had issues with TRE files not being seen by the launcher.

Good luck, and hope to see you in game.